‘Readiness to encounter & deal with head lice
is part of motherhood,
not a class statement!’

Krea Asia was established in 2014 by its founders in order to bring modern, efficacious, health & environmental impact-conscious products, with full compliance and through a transparent process to underserved niche markets in South East Asia with a priority focus on Indonesia.

The founders bring in a combined 30 years’ of professional experience in different industries, various countries, in entrepreneurial setups as well as in high-visibility positions with an undisclosed global corporation.

Fun FactThe said global innovation power house invented amongst many other great things the term ‘Healthineer’ and immortalized it with its very own ‘Healthineers Song’.

Since its inception, Krea Asia has focused on the launch of modern, neurotoxin-free head lice treatment products proven effective by clinical studies and by marketing history in regulated markets to Indonesia (with subsequent expansion plans to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines).

Krea Asia aspires to become the market leader of head lice treatment and crossover product categories in South East Asia by collaborating with manufacturers and proprietors of best-in-category products under long-term, sole and exclusive contract arrangements for product differentiations, which meet local market needs across all addressable segments presented in local language and tone.

Krea Asia walks the talk in bringing clean products only by clean means to its markets and in promoting open discussions over ‘taboo topics’. Driven by the firm belief in ‘what can become’, Krea Asia remains steadfast in focusing on insecticide-free, safe and efficacious head lice treatment products as a full range covering all price brackets. Krea Asia documents and elevates the visibility of roadblocks and hindrances to market in violation of prevailing rules through all instances of legal relevance (including ministers, heads of monitor bodies and the Indonesian parliament), and - if deemed necessary - to the public at large by way of online disclosures.

Public disclosures and/or legal filings pertaining to the Monopoly Product and/or Indonesian government institutions are in no way intended to discredit or disrespect any individual, group of individuals, entities, nor institutions as a whole. Nothing in Krea Asia’s communication shall be interpreted as expressions of political views.

Our battle grounds are human scalps and our enemies are head lice only.

Krea Asia funds itself only through legitimate sources.


For decades, the Indonesian market has only known one single registered neurotoxin-based (until 2015 Lindane, thereafter Permethrin-based) head lice treatment product brand (‘Monopoly Product’). Head lice have been reported globally to develop resistance against chemical pesticides (including Lindane and Permethrin), when treated over and over with the same substance for extended periods of time.

Absent (head lice) knowledge, socialization, ‘hear say myths’ and stereotypes become upgraded by repetition to ‘common wisdom’ to create an invisible wall of stigma, suspicions and denials between sections of the population.

Krea Asia is dedicated to breaking down this legacy in forums across the multitude of possibilities that open up in dialogue formats through events at schools, follow-up availability, use of social and traditional media and development of Krea Asia’s own Netizen Community Platform k TalkTM to facilitate stigma-free discussions and opinion forming unlimited in reach and safe from judgment.